Lesson Of Life Through Paul Pogba And Manchester United Deal

LIFE LESSONS as The Old Trafford onetime

rejected player became Manchester United’s

£100m man!

Paul Pogba initially arrived at Old Trafford as a

16-year-old hopeful. After 2 successful years in

the academy, he made his senior debut for

United as a substitute in a League Cup tie with

Leeds United in September 2009. Unfortunately,

his initial debut did not lead to the regular first-

team football Pogba expected. Based on series of

fallouts with the then Manager Alex Ferguson, he

was sold for £1m in 2012.

“It is disappointing,”Ferguson said at the time.

“I don’t think he showed us any respect at all, to

be honest.

“I’m quite happy that if they [footballers] carry on

that way, they’re probably better doing it away

from us.”

The ManU journey’s hopes and expectations

came to an abrupt was disappointing end.

Eventually off to Juventus he went.

Four years at Juventus saw him win four Italian

league titles, two Italian Cups, reach a Champions

League final and collect a whole host of

individual awards.

Ummm all of a sudden the ‘disappointing’Pogba

now became valuable…The most expensive player

in the history of football!!!

Now bought AGAIN by Manchester United for

almost £100m. How will you like to sell for £1m

and buy the same back about 4 years later for


On his return to the new manager Jose ‘The

Special One’ Mourinho said:

“Finally. It’s amazing that such a good player is

with us,”

“Finally we have him.”


1. Just because you did not flourish the first time

does not mean you are not valuable. Maybe you

are not yet valuable to others but there are

hidden potential in you.

2. Don’t let the assessment of others determine

your future. Their negative prophecies is not the

correct assertion of your future.

3. You may need to change your environment in

order to flourish. Maybe leave that friendship, that

place etc You need the atmosphere that

encourages your development and not where you

are judged. You need a place that value you NOW

for who you are as they work with you to become

who you want to be – very important!.

4. If you develop yourself, you can later be

accepted where you were rejected.

5. People do not owe you acceptance, you have

no right to their favours! It is YOUR JOB to

develop your competence and they will ‘like’ you

based on merit. Now you can dictate your terms

because now you are valuable to them and they

need you.

6. Your value is in your development. Your

income is tied to your value and the perceived

value you can add. Find out how to ‘develop your

brilliance’ and dedicate your life to it, it will soon

affect your income.

7. Be decisive, be very very decisive. Leave when

you think you should. Do what you think you


8. “Never cry over spilled milk”…so it did not work

out? Let it go. Forgive yourself and forgive others

too and never say never in your disappointments.

Don’t make decisions from your hurt. Move on, it

can truly get better if you decide to focus on the

true essentials. There is a difference between

your life and what happens to you, so focus on

your life and not on what happened to


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